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The Warrior's Workshop Series

Part One: "The Warrior's Call"

Dates are coming soon!

The Warrior’s Call is the first in a series of Workshops that support you to deal differently with your everyday challenges and tap into your real strength. Energy is the key for everything we do in our lives! This workshop series is designed to give you a completely new understanding of your own power and access your hidden strength.
It's a fact that we are born with enough life force - energy - not only to survive, but to thrive. It's another fact that as we grow up, life takes its toll on us and we lose vitality, power and joy. Our energy seems to just be enough to live our normal lives, have a job, take care of the house... but that's not all there is to life is it?!!!

The important thing is: Our energy does not just disappear. It is still there but most of us don't know how to access and free it. It's held in physical tensions, in the masks we carry in life, the image we try to live up to. It's stuck in old beliefs that sometimes carry over through generations in a family or culture and that make us hold back who we really are, what we really want, and our unique expression.

In many spiritual traditions, people who consciously strive to let go of their old conditioning, and who work on raising their energy through a variety of exercises and attitudes, are called warriors. Warriors, because they declare war on a way of life that drains them, and keeps them stuck in an uncomfortable comfort zone. In this workshop series, we work with you on different ways to redistribute energy in the body and in your system. You will feel yourself in a new way... ready for the miracle of being alive, with a calm mind and strongly anchored on the ground.

When you come to this workshop, you’ve already made a choice. You chose to stop wasting energy and to become more real. A warrior is someone who can adept and position themselves according to the needs of the moment, flexible and aware of every move. In this workshop you will learn how to access the energy that’s hidden in your body, get grounded, and experience more silence. Exercises, lectures and ritual combine to get you out of the world of your mind and into life.

We’ve found a beautiful and powerful new tool to support this process: drums. We’ve developed a range of exercises that use the drums’ capacity to heal, connect, and harmonize bodily functions. Research shows that work with drums boosts immunity and rebalances the nervous and endocrine system. It affects your overall health and perception and opens a door to silent knowledge. The drum’s vibrations wake up an ancient power and bring us in tune with the natural rhythm of the body, the earth, and all of life…  

Esra has been trained in the Toltec warrior's path for more than a decade. The teachings and intent of this tradition form the backbone for this weekend. We’ll use the power of the workshop and the group to set new agreements for a life with integrity, presence, and strong roots.
You don’t have to learn anything new. You just need to remember the truth. You don’t hunt for love, love is what you are. You don’t ask for respect, you respect yourself and the unique expression that came into the world with you. You don’t search for power, you can find your power inside of you and it’s enough for everything you want to be.

The workshop contains

  • Opening cermony

  • An energizing physical practice including Yoga (open for all levels).

  • Drum dynamics release

  • Group processes.

  • Lecture.

  • Intent Alignment

  • Empowering ritual work

  • Closing ceremony

Your ticket includes

  • 16 hours of training time together.

  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Workshop Times

Friday: 18:30 - 21:00
Saturday: 12:00 - 19:00 (including breaks)
Sunday: 12:00 - 19:00 (including breaks)


New Dates will be released soon!



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