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Joyful Transformation Workshops

Joyful Transformation Workshops last 1-3 days and offer you space to relax and recharge. Through psychodynamic bodywork, dance and breathing exercises from various traditions like yoga and bioenergetics, you learn to explore the power and wisdom of your body. Group exercises and meditations help you share and integrate your experience.


Esra is an extraordinary teacher who combines deep insight into human nature with cheerful pragmatism. In her workshops, she creates a unique atmosphere of lightness and acceptance. You will be supported to integrate the newfound insights, and to gently shift your perspective to more authenticity and ease. 


Esra places great importance on social communion and healthy expression for healing.There will be moments of closeness, sharing stories, laughing and sometimes crying together… A Joyful Transformation workshop empowers you to go back to your life refreshed and with new clarity and determination.

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