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About Esra Inal

Esra Inal is a renowned teacher of Personal Transformation, an actress and author. For more than ten years, she has been giving workshops, conferences and retreats worldwide, inspiring people to explore the unknown and build happier and more authentic lives for themselves.


Esra is a student of the Toltec teacher and international bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz (“The four Agreements”).

Her fresh and unique way of teaching is informed by her own, intense experience of personal transformation.


Esra was born in 1981 in Berlin into a Turkish family. Since childhood, she had an unusual amount of energy and a keen perception of the world around her, which extended into extraordinarily lucid dreams. In her early twenties, her perception suddenly expanded so beyond common limits that her body didn’t move or respond for four days. Doctors were at a loss, and Esra knew she had to turn elsewhere for answers. In 2002, after a time of crisis, she came into contact with the work of don Miguel Ruiz, and went to Mexico to meet him personally. He became her friend and mentor, supporting her in integrating and mastering her energy and experiences.


In the following years, Esra studied with don Miguel and travelled to South America and Asia where she explored other spiritual and healing traditions. From her mid-twenties, she began developing her own way of teaching, with tools ranging from talks and meditation to psychodynamic bodywork, dance, yoga, and group exercises, depending on the needs of each group.


Esra places great importance on including body awareness, healthy emotional expression and social communion in her teaching. She is an expert in creating holistic retreats that support an authentic, healthy way of being. Through her presence and profound perception of human nature, Esra acts as a catalyst for deep and lasting change.







In 2012, Esra was approached by award-winning Turkish filmmakers Ömer Faruk Sorak and Ipek Sorak (“G.O.R.A”, “Vizontele”). They had heard about her story and were enthusiastic to make a movie based on her life, in which she would star as herself. Soon after, Esra started to write the script for “8 Seconds”, together with co-writer Nuran Evren Sit (“Love loves Coincidence”). The movie, a German-Turkish coproduction, was shot in Berlin and Istanbul and other locations in Turkey. “8 Seconds” was released in Turkey in February 2015, and is distributed in cinemas internationally by Warner Bros. In Germany the movie premiered in October 2015. It is now avaible to watch on iTunes and Amazon.

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